I have played the electric guitar for about 3 years now. But I play almost everything by tab.
Recently I purchased a Washburn d10 acoustic-electric and I want to learn to play an acoustic.
Since I only currently play by tab, I was wondering what the best way to learn
would be(just memorizing chords, theory,etc.).

I have tried numerous theory guides but they all seem rather confusing to me.
By "playing acoustic" you mean playing chords? Hm, there for a sec I thought you were being retarded and saying that the electric and acoustic are different to play.

Not that I can be of any help... I play the same stuff on both.


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I'm self taught..playing for about 7months now. I memorize stuff just by playing it over and over and practicing. Seems to sink in and its more of muscle memory.

How did you memorize stuff on your electric?>
Just try to memorize chords like i play the electric and i just started to play the acoustic i play everything by chords.
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just use tabs the give chord names like i do. i now know the Am, C, D, and G thanks to Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd.

i just started learniong chords. leave me alone...
learn the chords C A Am G E Em and D. you can find them at lots of places. then learn a strumming pattern. i like (D=down, U=up) D DU UDU. now you just play the chords w/ that pattern. it takes a little while to get down. make sure that you sing normally and don't alter the speed that you are playing at, and as long as the song is 4/4 timing (almost every song) the end of the measure will come right where the chord change should happen. of course some songs have chords that change in the middle of the measure, but thats after you master this. with those chords, you can play a lot of songs.

the easiest way to start is songs that use just C D and G, because C9, G, and D require a very small change in fingers (only a 2 finger shift each time), so its much easier to concentrate on the strumming and singing.
They are both the same instrument. Maybe you are asking the question wrong. Were you trying to ask something about some sort of improvisation?
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There are many good guitar lessons online. Just search for them and do one lesson at a time. Get familiar with some basic concepts and technigues. Understanding what it is you're playing will greatly expand your horizons. Instead of having to follow tabs, you will be able to form your own chord progressions, your own riffs and solos. You'll be able to play guitar without playing any specific song.

Here are some topics to start with:

- Chord Progressions
- Strumming Techniques (pendulum strumming, patterns, muting)
- 12 Bar Blues
- Scales
- Keys (how to play in a certain key, how to switch between keys)

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just memorize the notes on the fingerboard. eg:
play a g chord normally (3rd fret), then try and play the same basic thing on the next string down (10th fret, A-shape barre) then next string: (6th fret, D-shape barre), you can pretty much do a major chord up to the last 3 strings. scales and knowing the formula for chords help a lot
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thanks for all the help..and yes i mean chords i want to eventually be able to make up my own songs etc.