Hi, im new to guitar effects. I just got a wah pedal. But im looking for a distortion pedal now. Not just any distortion though, im looking for the hardest sounding balls to the wall, staple your ears to a coffin and set it on fire death metal kick ur ass for an hour and 15 minutes, then rape ur nose and call u susan pedal. Any suggestions?
DigiTech Death Metal pedal is good from what I've heard. I also am obligated to endorse (as I own it) the Danelectro FAB Metal pedal. Cheap, durable, and gives a good (and heavy) metal sound.
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ive not liked any of the digitech single effect pedals that ive owned, they hiss too much.

the brand of singe effect pedals ive had the most success with is Rocktron. Metal Planet is an awesome distorion pedal, i just got it and threw my boss distorion out, which i liked as well.
^ metal planet is based on the metal zone.

Umm, maybe a boss SD-1, or a Rocktron Silver Dragon.
Definitely get a Boss Metal Zone ... I have one and it blows the s**t out of every other distortion pedal ... it has so many different settings, from crunchy classic rock, to the heaviest of metal, to light overdrive... not to mention iti s almost impossible to break!

from what i've heard, the landmine pedal
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