Alright im in a folkish-rockabilly type band and i play bass and our ukelele..uhh..ist/singer is pretty much an attention whore on stage. He talks so much about random crap to the audience and tells the story behind every song. He's the most annoying thing ever. He is also starting to screw up songs a lot, and all he wants to do is solo all over the place. He's starting to get a really big ego too. But he is also really creative and a good friend of mine. How do i deal with this problem?
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bash him in the back of the head with the ukelele on stage. if the audience also hates his stories, you will have accomplished 2 things.
1) You will have shut him up
2) The audience will love you more than him
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combine both of those ideas: show him the video tape of him getting bashed in the head with a ukelele so he can see what a d*ck he is when he wakes up from the concussion (assuming you hate him enough to use a ukelele with that kind of efficiancy)
if you really want to shut him off from the audience, regardless of the fact he's the singer <.< >.>, play his own game. At your next gig, yell something along the lines of "hey, what are you, running for president? let's play the ***king song" in his direction in the middle of his antics. Crowd will love it, it'll probably roll right off him, and problem solved. Or you could just tell him right before a gig so it's in his head to tone down the story telling.
Telling him to tone down the storytelling seems like a good idea. I'd also say telling him to tone down the ukelele solos is a good idea too... pesonally I wouldn't pay £5 to go to a gig to see some jackass telling a story then wank on a ukelele for 5 minutes.Telling him to shut up and play the song at the gig is a good idea too... the crowd will love it.