so, I've got a new Question. Seeing as I can play some songs and whatnot, now I want to try and make songs of my own, the only problem is, I don't know how to peice together chords, or even know what chords to use.

so I'm using power chords, but they obviously lack talent, now I'm not looking for a place to tell me which chords will sound like the power chords I've chosen *though that would be welcome* I'm mainly wondering where I'd be able to find a list of songs or perhaps just chords that I could practice and learn to widen my chord vocabulary so to speak. Help would be greatly appreciated.
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here 's a whole section on cyberfret.com that really helped me understand chords. dont just learn chords, learn how they are constructed. it may be a little complicated at first if you dont know the major scale, but it really helps. i wish i had learned how they are constructed earlier. it really helps in songwriting, btw.