well im not sure but most likly but im guessing a hot rod deville 60Watts tube AND a tubescreamer pedal would sound great together ?does anyone use these product ? and can u tell me does it sound great!
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I'd like to know this also, because I will be in the market for that exact amp in a week or so.

I would guess that it wouldn't be necessary since the Hot Rod has drive built-in, whereas a classic Bassman only has a master volume. (I could be wrong here, because I'm just trying to brainstorm by what I've read).
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yea that would sound really good......i have both of those and its a great combo. the hot rod excepts pedals really good so anything is great with it erally
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He means "accept pedals" .....illiterate kids these days

By that I think he means running external pedals through the amp sounds good. According to some people on here, pedals can sound bad through certain amps. Although I do imagine this could be the SS/Tube division as opposed to different models of all tubes.
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AHH, ive tried a tube screamer and it was great!!! I prefer my natural distortion with the onboard, but the onboard sounds really funky (not in a good way) at low volumes, so the tube screamer should sound great. . .
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