Well I saved around $250.00 and now I can afford a new amp. My setup is basically a Fender 15 wat Frontman G and an Epiphone Les Paul Standard plus, with a Boss DS-1. So would it be a good idea to get a Vox valvatronix 30 or should I keep this setup and get an acoustic? Any feedback would help.
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I dont know if you'd be able to get a good acoustic for that much. If you want an acoustic, save up for a better one.

If you go for an amp though, as I always say, Roland Cube 30. Extremely versitile, can play any style.
Dont get a new acoustic. 250 dollars wont get you something that great. Get the vox. Roland cube as versatile as vox? I dont think so. But please, dont go out and buy the vox just because I said so. Go out and try it.
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