i want to make my guitar look old and worn out. how would i do that? just sand parts down to remove some of the paint and then maybe stain some parts to make the wood look older or something? any ideas?
That sounds a bit lame, but if you want to, then just mess it up a bit, give it sun exposure, etc, but dont go too far and break it
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play it for 30 years...or do some hendrix things;nock it into the mic stand, amp , light it on fire, etc.
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Drop your keys on it or other stuff (nothing too big), gives it random dents and chips. You can wetsand the top-left corner where your arm slides on it. Grab some 2000 grit, let it sit overnight in a cup of water, then sand it till you get down to the wood. From there, buff it nice and shiny to give it that whole "my arm has been playing on this for years" look. Also, if youd like, put a sticker on it and sand that down a little. Be sure to leave it out in the direct sun (if you live somewhere hot) give it a nice fade. Good luck