New song by my band Soundview. Check it out at:


It's still a rough draft, so PLEASE tell us what you think should be changed. Crit for crit of course.
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I'm not going to say much, because I'm horrible at reviewing, but I liked the harmonized vocals and stereo mixing. The rhythm guitar at some parts seemed kind of forced. I'm sure that you can put in some changes to that and make it come naturally, smoother. Interesting song, though.
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bad ass funky intro, i'm liking so far, doesn't transition smoothly into the next part, which is cool on its own, love the right ear effects, cool man, you are talented
the intro sounds really, really interessting. the voice is also ok, but some of the effekts during the verse sound strange.
all in all i like your song
thanks to all of you. First off, yeah it is a rough draft so we are planning on making it sound better and more polished in the future. I think the transition is kind of wierd also, but that wasn't how we planned it. We were thinking of having that distorted guitar (playing the staccato Am chord) put on a delay so when he hit the last one it would echo into the arpegio part, just didn't work out though. As for the voice, our singer is still learning (he's mainly a guitarist/songwriter). Thanks again and I'll be reviewing grunges song right now.
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Do black people attract more dust too?
Man I really like that song. It hit my type of music directly... I liked the beginning the most. I think the vocals are good the way they are because they set the mood best for the song.
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i thought the the effects worked really well for the song, it reminded me a little of one hot minute chili peppers. i thought that the drums fit the music particularly well, good guitar and vocal work/harmonies. i also thought one of the guitars was a little too fuzzed out and wasn't very clear. Last minute or so was really trippy and i liked it, overall really good job.

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thanks for more positive crits. About that fuzzed out guitar, we don't know what went wrong with it. Both me and the other guitarist plugged straight into the recorder, then lined out to my 1 input amp so we could record at the same time. It didn't sound distorted at all when we were recording but in the playback his guitar was WAY fuzzed out. I had to bring it up for a little while during my solo (if you can call it that) though. Is this a common problem when you plug more than 1 guitar directly into a recording device?
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Do black people attract more dust too?
This intro is kick ass man, i love it, very body moving! i love how it goes into the verses all slow that is awesome, love the vocals too man, awesome ass ****, love the little effects your throwing in there too, adds alot more to the song, the drums are good too, wow man this is a cool ass song, catchy as hell. it went by fast to for six minutes, it didnt seem to be repetitive at all, great song man, i live it, love it. definately something i would listen to again and again. great song.

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