Well someone recommened to try learnign by ear and thats what I have been doing or should I say trying to do. Everytime I try it ill play the part of the song I want to learn first about a 100 and by the end not only will i not know a single note of the song I am extremely discouraged. So if anyone can give me some tips and then maybe like 3-5 songs that are pretty easy to tab out that would be great. Not only would you be helping me to better master guitar but you would be raising my confidence as well. Thank you in advance.
dont try to learn by ear unless u are tabbing. get some tabs to some easy songs first, i would recommend for anyone iron man, smells like teen spirit, down with the sickness is pretty easy, ummm, holy diver, but that is of course if that is the kinda music u like. anything like that would be good to get you started. after that, gradually get some tabs for songs that you like. print them out, and practice. ive been playing for about 8 months this way and am honestly much better than my friend who has been playing for 8 years! practice as much as you cant, it may take a while, but it will well be worth it.
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