Ok, I was looking into buying a solid 4 string, because all my good basses are 5 strings. I was looking at just a standard Fender Jazz Bass. But just a thought..If i take the pickguard off, will the wires be exposed? I know Jaco's signature bass and other Fenders don't have one on it, but i wasn't sure if that applied to all of Fender's basses?
depnds on what fender jazz you buy, the wirer aren't exposed but if you buy a mexican one there a hole in the body. I thought with the americans you won't have this problem.
Um, my squier jazz bass doesn't have any exposed wires when the pickguard is off so I wouldn't think that good fenders would, however I'm not sure.
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Ok, thanks, I really don't like the looks of the pickguard, and i don't use a pick anyways, so I'm not too worried about scratching the finish or anything.
usually the cavities are routed a bit bigger when theres a pickguard on.
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You might not like your pickguard... but you can get almost any pickgaurd you want there. For any type of bass.

thats beat, you cant see them before you buy.
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