So i call this guy who is selling a half stack, and its a peavey, for 350 or OBO. Now i just talked to him today, he was at work, and all he has is the serial number. So he gave me some details about it, not a lot, but some. He told me it was a solid state, and that it had like a "tube rectfier" or some sort on it, cant quote that because i couldnt really understand him at the time. Does anybody know of any peavey solid state halfstacks????

EDIT*** its the Peavey transtube Supreme!!! anyone have any experience w/ this/?
350, so i could prolly bump it down to 325!
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Like I said in the PM - it's basically the head version of the Bandit. Good amp, especially for that price.

And it doesn't have a tube rectifier. It emulates a tube amp - the Transtube technology.
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Try it out, if you like it, buy it, and that's an alright deal.
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personally I dont like the transtube series!! but I would get it for the cab and then sell the head for a better one!