well I figured this would be the closest forum to the right one to put this in. I have this PA amp from QSC right, I think the RMX 1450. Anyway, it was being used to run my houses computer speakers. Its loud, I think something like 400 watts. so for a long time it has been running my computer's PA system and well, but today I noticed there were two inputs for microphones, so I tried it out. I plug my vocal mic into the amp and it works, but very very quietly. Turned to max it's barely louder than my voice. I don't get it because through my computer and record player it's obscenely loud at 5, but at 10 straight through my mic to the amp to the speakers barely audible. does anyone know what might cause this?
bad wiring? im no computer wiz tho. or a bad connection

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you might require a microphone preamp for that. I'm no expert, but just a guess.
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