A couple of months ago, I bought my first RG from Eric's Guitars, a sponsor of Jemsite. It came set up perfectly, and I didn't have to touch a thing. However, I recently acquired another RG550 from a local pawn shop. This one was setup poorly, and the action was way too high.

So I immediately think, no big deal, I'll just lower the bridge. So I lowered the bridge to a reasonable heighth (a tad bit lower than normal), but I get all sorts of buzzing around the 14th fret. To get rid of this buzzing, I have to raise the bridge to a VERY high action that is unbearable for me to play at.

Finally, I messed around with the truss rod, as it seemed I had too much neck bow. This helped a little, but I still can't get rid of this buzzing without raising the action to an extremely high level.

How come I can't get the action that I have on my older RG?

What could be the culprit? Thanks.
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It's really hard to say over the internet. You're better off going in to one of your local music stores to see if they can do anything about it. I had this same problem with my 570 when I first got it, but after some time and persistence I got it set up perfectly.
Yeah, I took it to a shop, and they lowered the action a little, but it (low E) is still about 2.2mm off the 24th fret. I want it down in the 1.7 range. By the time I could get in touch with them again, they had gone out of business. Oh well.

I tried placing a neck shim, and now it seems a lot better, but as I was adjusting the height, one of the trem post studs broke in half. Things are just not going my way...
R.I.P. Shawn "Memphis Monster" Lane

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Its probably the truss rod or strings. 1st you try buying a new set of strings, then you check the neck relief of the guitar. Adjust it to reasonable action height 1st, for Ibanez default setup, the strings are .009s and 1.5mm above the 12th fretwire on the treble side, while 2.0mm above the 12th fretwire on the bass side.

To check the neck relief, just simply fret the 1st and 16th fret (where the neck meets the body) and see the 8th fretwire, there should be at least 0.3mm - 0.5mm of clearing between the fretwire and the string. If the string is just laying dead on the fretboard, then you dont have any neck relief, you should loosen the truss rod. If the string is way too high, higher than 0.5-0.7mm then you have too much neck relief, you should tighten the truss rod.

Of course if you want more accurate measurement you can capo the 1st fret and use feeler gauge at the 8th fretwire.
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