pull your wrist as to it facing you. like your fingers have to face...dude u....oh man this is way to hard to explain, look just for now keep your hand in a way where your not straining it and make sure your comfortable. someone plz help explain what im trying to say to this guy...
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i know what you mean, but it feels worse....


can someone please take a picture of how they hold it..


There must be something terribly wrong with your hand man. you cant even hold it a way when ur comfortable?

look did you do any warm up excercises at all? cuz ur supposed to in order to not hurt yourself. before you begin playing at all always stretch your back, neck ( due to slouching ), hands, fingers so everything is limber and ready to play.
Have you tried fingering them with your thumb behind the neck, as opposed to over it?

Also, it looks like you're almost pushing with your thumb there, for support and counter-pressure. Don't. The counter-pressure should come from the shoulder and arm - the thumb's a guide for your fingers. If you're pushing with it, you're probably creating alot of unwanted tension, that over a few chord progressions is going to start to hurt your hand.

If you honestly can't find a comfortable way - look into different voicings.

Oh, and for the love of god, use the tips of your fingers!
i know its really weird.... could you take a picture from the same view as mine?
Move the thumb down a bit until its comfotable enough for you. You dont have to keep it in the same place, if thats what you are doing. Like God said, naturally your wrist should sort of turn to face you because you are moving your thumb down. Since your thumb is moving down, its giving your fingers more to work with, so you can move them farther. You thumb position usually changes quite a bit when doing a chord progression, it should end up being a natural move for your thumb to the place its most comfortable at, just like its a natural move for your fingers to the right fret.
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picture please?

how retarded do you get? just adjust your hand the way the posts say. not everyone can run out and get a camera at 10:00 PM u know
god of rock why post if your just going to insult someone. Basically just go to some different guitar sites and youll find pictures on what hes saying, not exactly positive but i think www.guitarprinciples.com has some pictures.
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God of Rock has a point...if this kid just followed people's posts, he shouldn't need a picture.

What chord is it that you're trying to fret anyway?
I think the problem is definitly your thumb. Even though neither of those pictures look like power chords...anyway. Move your thumb so that instead of using the front of that first knuckle to press against the neck, you're using the pad of your thumb. Then don't put as much pressure down with it. The thumb should just be there to support the rest of your hand, not to help create pressure. That should be your fingers and forearm to do. You shouldn't be 'pinching' the neck between your thumb and fingers.
yeah im doing that...

my pointer just doesn't seem long enough because i have to move my whole hand to reach the top string.