I awakened in my bedroom but things fell different
Some one please turn the lights back on
Someone please tell me what happened
This is the first time I?m so confused
I don?t know what's going
The first time i?m anxious,worried,and afraid
I know i Have-not stopped breathing
but where are you
Al i remember was the watching
the ocean engulfing the sun and know your gone
the drinks the pills the shots the thrills are still held still on photographs
on my desk
and so is this note
saying ? Hey there honey Glad you awake
You know I love you but together you and i have no fate?
now im thinking back on all the things that were said
before we came up to this door
and this room is tainted
and as everything plays back
in my mind
I still see your sorrow
and the feeling that you were afraid
you knew this wouldn't work out and i told you so
and when everything we had was going to fall apart
I remember your presence
Oh God I hope you send someone down
Oh God because only you know what im feeling now
Oh God please don?t let me remember
because memories don?t kill
they regret
knowing I have put myself here
and there's no one else to blame
Oh I?d rather have her pulling me under
But knowing I am wrong
This is different
but I must accept what i?ve done wrong and move on
so i?ll just lay down and watch as the sun rises from the ocean