Is the Peavey Valveking a good amp for metal and hard rock stuff like Tool, Metallica, Arch Enemy,Pantera,Etc.
I played one some time ago, in a pawn shop in el paso texas. I didnt liked it at all. Maybe it was because the guitar suked, or because the amp was in a pawn shop... but anyway, my experience with valvekings is not a good one. I also played for very little time in low low volume. The sound was descent, comparable to certain SS amps.

I dont want to discourage you, im only telling you of my true personal experience with that one. The distortion WAS distortion, unlike certain tube amps that only overdrive.

It may works, but who knows? GO AND TRY IT!!
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Very, very meh amp for metal. Great amp for rock and blues though. If you use an OD pedal on that thing, I imagine you could push it into the metal range. I like the crunch on lower gain levels, but on higher gain, it's a very meh amp unless you're using some kind of OD. I made sure to play a good guitar with the Valveking (an Ibanez Prestige of some sort) and I used a Boss OD to push it for higher gain stuff and it didn't sound great, but it didn't sound like ass. If you're looking to buy a Valveking, scour Ebay for a JCM900 combo. You can get it around the same price or a little more.
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i have a valveking 112 combo. its ok not bad not great, but it sounds really pretty good with my maxon OD9 in front of it.
It's got the gain, but the gain is has sounds thin and weak. I don't really like those amps at all, heard much beter sounding SS amps.
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For a while, I was thinking I made a bad choice, but it turns out that it just sounds like **** when you play it at night-time-don't-wake-up-everyone-in-the-house mode. I play through it with an ESP with a mahogany body and EMG's. It sounds good, but I'm waiting for my SD-1 so I can get a better metal tone. It doesn't have quite enough gain.