Ok ive been alternate picking on the strings and it wont give me the right sound, i dont think im holding the pick right. but then i tried playing on the physical fret (On the 20th fret or higher) and just picking there it sounds much better. But will this damage the fret board? And what is the right way to hold the pick and pick on the string?
Well there is one way that most people will try too teach you. I will do my best to explain it here!

OK, the pick will rest on the pointer finger's side, the pick should be right on the bone, completely on the side of the finger, at 90 degrees, then the thumb goes over top to hold it in place.

The tip of the pick should go a couple of millimetres over the tip of the pointer finger, or more if you think it is more comfortable, but less in this case is better as it will encourage you to pick up and down on the string, instead of a in-and-out action. Picking should be done completely straight up and down, not in and out.

The more the pick is held on the finger print area of both the index and thumb, you run the risk of developing carpo-tunnel syndrom, which isn't cute!

As for sound, picking over the sound hole on acoustic and picking over which ever pickups are activated will give you the cleanest sound, but some effects are made picking else where like close to the bridge, or neck! =P
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I guess picking there could mark up your fretboard, and scratch it a little. If you like the sound then go for it, unless you don't want to scratch you guitar a little. This technique will limit the speed you can play (probably)

There is no definate right or wrong way to hold the pick. Many people hold it between the thumb and index finger, and pick around where the sound hold is on an acsoutic guitar (or near the pick ups on an electric)
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O ok, ya i can actually play faster when i play on the fret board. Thanks for both of your suggestions.
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The more the pick is held on the finger print area of both the index and thumb, you run the risk of developing carpo-tunnel syndrom, which isn't cute!

.... seriously?
It might have to do with too much pressure on the thumb and or the finger....im not sure...i didnt know picking that way would cause carpo-tunnel syndrom....
Carpo tunnel is not 100% caused by the holding of the pick, but shared 50/50 with how the arm is rested on the guitar or more specifically, your forearm.

When you hold the pick on the fingerprint part of fingers, your tendons, because more than one are being used, are being over stressed because when a person picks, they almost instinctively squeeze the pick harder, so in effect, constant picking = constant on/off tension.

So! What do your tendons need to function!? Oxygen! Which comes from where after it enters the lungs? Blood! So even the slightest resting of the forearm on the body of the guitar (especially in acoustics because they are more linear rather than smoothed edges) will restrict the blood enough to cause a depletion in the required oxygen your tendons need to function and grow correctly! Hence, don't rest your wrists when you type on the keyboard!