I was looking at these at the carvin website, and I was wondering if anybody here had played on one or could provide a little more information than whats given on the site. I'm looking to buy an amp that will sound good with my carvin, so any other suggestions would be appreciated. I want a good clean channel for the piezos and some distortion for the humbuckers.
The clean channel is supposed to be great. Not Fender cleans, but good in their own right. And the distortion is supposed to be nice and smooth, great for shred. It's said that it can do metal, but I wouldn't reccomend buying it if you wanna do metal. If you're looking at a Carvin to do metal, look at the MTS or V3 series.
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Listen to Vai and you'll hear the Legacy in action, great for modern rock, nice cleans. I think I'd opt for the V3 because it's a little more versatile on the gain (and isn't that much different in price). The Carvin amps, MTS, Legacy, and V3 are all very underrated. Cheap too.
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The Legacy doesn't have your standard type of distortion. The voicing is far different. You can hear the amp in action from Vai's album 'Fire Garden,' and onwards, as that's when he started using it.
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