Frayed Ends of a Stray Grey

Frayed ends of a stray grey; a destroyed life of a lifeless man.

Come pick up the scraps that fell off of their laps and feel strayed
So come color the black that has been changed to grey, you?re grey
Come pick the flower that grows in the forbidden and be afraid
And come tie the string that?s been broken and frayed, come fix it

So come to the death barn, see the internal light, pick it like a plant
So know that you?ve been warned, don?t give up the fight, be given a grant

Come find an ax of despair that will kill the storm of the day
So come and damn the received and see that we all will say
The fury of the storm will carry the fire to their power and create
And you?ll come and find the pieces that the monster had ate, desperate

End it, return to the life where you made all of the men pay
They lock you up cause they feel like you create the hazed
I can see that you red eyes will make them afraid of what you?ve made
So they still cut down to make the frayed ends of a stray grey

Guitar solo