Okay I need the name of a good mozart piano concerto, with some decent piano soloing in it.
Well it doesn't need to be a mozart one, but that would be better.
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I can't think of any Mozart piano concertos off hand but I do know some good Beethoven pieces.

These are sonatas, not concertos.
I like "Pathetique" In C Minor. "Moonlight" in C Sharp Minor (Yea, I know this one is overdone but it's still a very good song). "The Tempest" In D Minor.

I don't know if this is much help but PM if you have any questions.
best piano concerto (yes, it's a cliche)

Sergei Rachmaninoff - Third Piano Concerto (commonly referred to as the Rach 3)

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Here, I found you a Mozart concerto. It's Piano Concerto #27 In B-Flat, K 595-Movement #3.

Tchaikovsky also has some good piano work. So, if I were you I would look into that as well. By the way, what do you need this for?
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the Concerto for Keyboard & Orchestra No. 20 in D Mino: particulary the Rondo is quite famous also by mozart the Concerto for Keyboard & Orchestra No. 21 in C Majo: Allegro Vivace Assa - both are good mozart piano concertos
yeah, Rachmaninoff has some legendary piano concertos. Beethoven too, very expressive stuff. ooo, and especially Liszt. if you're looking for amazing piano work, Liszt's concertos (especially his Piano Concerto No. 1) are considered some of the most technically challenging in all classical music.

i like Mozart (my opinion, his Requiem K. 626 is one of the most beautiful pieces in all of art, not to mention music), but of his piano concertos i've heard so far, the melodic and harmonic structure are just a little too structured for me...or maybe its all in the fact that i'm more a fan of minor keyed pieces, and very few of his concertos are in minor keys. dont get me wrong, its all great music, but they dont excite me or move me quite as much as his other pieces.

and just a little extra classical info...the "solo" of a concerto in sonata form is called the cadenza...it's usually closer to the end of a movement/concerto.

btw, if you want amazing instrumental piano work without a doubt, look to almost any of Liszt's well known pieces...La Campanella, Hungarian Rhapsodies (especially No. 2, you should know this one), etc. trust me on this one...listen to Transcendental Etude No. 4 Mazeppa, you'll be blown away...trust me there's an amazing video of it working its way around the net...:

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Thanks fellas

^^ I want to know them for a few reasons; something to work towards when I learn the piano, and trying to figure it out for guitar. But I thought it would be better to have solos and all that for the first reason and to get better at figuring songs out.
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When you look at a guy and immediately go, "wow, what a douchebag"

that is what girls find attractive.