I love the lyrics. Blasting the record companies in songs is always awesome. Who is the singer in that song? I know it's no one from the band.

Plus it's one of the few songs that sound good for being played on a Strat in the fourth pick-up position.
Whatever happened to sweet Jane?
he means who sung it in the song, i think anyway

and its roy harper that sung it
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I know it's Pink Floyd, but the singer isn't a member of the band.

Didn't you read that part?

It's a singer from another band that was in the studio when Floyd was in.

You can tell it's not anyone from the band, the vocals sound a lot different from anything else they do.
Whatever happened to sweet Jane?
Quote by Conky420
he means who sung it in the song, i think anyway

and its roy harper that sung it

Roy Harper. Awesome!! What else did he do?
Whatever happened to sweet Jane?
Well, he is a folk musician, and he often collaborated with many high profile rock artists.
Such as Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones (they admired him greatly, hence the song, Hats Off to (Roy) Harper, and Harper also contributed photography for the Physical Graffiti cover.) David Gilmour mostly and the rest of Pink Floyd on Have A Cigar. Kate Bush, Bill Bruford, Paul and Linda McCartney, and Ian Anderson. He is still making music, his last studio album was in 2000. But he released a DVD this year, and a war protest single and compilation album last year.

And by the way. I like your username... I love Pearl Jam.
Sorry, so many Pink Floyd threads around...
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