ok so im trying to learn Tom Waits by The Fall Of Troy

but i can only find the guitar pro version and i dont have guitar pro
i would use the trial version but my time ran out

so can any of you convert the guitar pro version to a standard tab?
take my advice and use Power Tab Editor. Its way better than guitar pro. Download it by clicking in the link in any power tab download page in U-G.
yeah i have power tab

but the tab i want is only in guitar pro

so all im asking is for someone that has guitar pro to convert the tab into a standard tab so i can read it.
i have guitar pro bur y not just get guitar pro for free off a file sharing program like lime wire or something (if ur gonna do that just ask and i'll tell u wat the one is called that doesn't have a virus in it,but 4 now i'll just just have a look at the song and i might tab it out for u
well in the meantime while i tab it u can play around with this intro bit
does it sound right??
sry dude but when you replied its was 3:59 am (for me at least i dont know about you)
i was sleeping
anyway...if your still willing then yeah that would be great if you could post it on the site
as for the four guitars i havent heard the tab so i dont know which one plays which part.....