hey how do you make that sound when your using your pick and brushing the strings but no tone comes out? its just the sound of your pick brushing the strings.

im trying to play smells like teen spirit.
ok your lucky u havent been flamed but all u do is put just enough pressure on the strings so that u strum them but no sound comes out besides a type of thud it just takes a very light touch I love helping ppl lol
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haha thanks, i was griping the strings tightly instead.

why should i be flamed its a noob forum?
That would be called muting.
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and plus you like blink 182 which prooves you are dumb and have no taste in music

you just follow trends

What a tard...
nobody likes smells like teen spirit on this website, xept the noobs like yourself lol. Hence why you would be flamed

just put a little pressure on the strings, thatll do it for ya
^Don't worry about what people like dude, listen to what you want.


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im trying to play smells like teen spirit.

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You guys are forgetting the most important part of sounding like Alexi.
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Prepare for flamage.

"Smells like Teen Spirit" is like the trigger to cause this thread to blow up.

Smells like Teen Spirit!

*braces for impact*
-ty-, if you like Nirvana, then more power to ya. Don't stop listening to an artist just because someone says "they suck!" Do what you wanna do man. Isn't that part of what playing guitar's all about?
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guess what i would do to you with 2 twizzlers, a lemon, and a pack of hershey kisses.

It wouldnt be pretty
I like Nirvana and Smells Like Teen Spirit, and I'm not a noob... I just don't do the guitarist thing of thinking "I'm a guitarist now, must only listen to Django Reinhardt!" like some other tossers...
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