ok, i'm 13 looking for new songs to play ,the begginers songs thread isn't much help. my teacher is into songs i never heard
some of the things i can play are...

i bet you look good on the dancefloor by arctic monkeys
about the first 30 seconds of stairway to heaven
intro riff to californication (i play the bass part on guitar aswell)
fly away by lenny kravits
twist and shout
wild thing
smooth criminal by alien antfarm
and have started learning middle of the hill by josh pyke wich i like but most the people i know have never heard of.

i know i have a few things up there i havent finished and yeah i have been practicing them but i can't seem get the right sound to middle of the hill on my acoustic and gets a bit anoying playing the same little bit of stairway to heaven over and over.
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