Full Lineup

On Stage Times:

Bob Dylan - 20.30
The Flaming Lips - 18.45
Violent Femmes - 17.30
Mundy - 16.30
Ray LaMontagne - 15.30
Tiny Dancers - 14.30
Clayhill - 13.30

Apparently the Flamo's are pretty cool live and I like what i've seen from their setlist. (including covers of War pigs and Bohemian Rhapsody). Dylan's setlist is anyones guess really as there are only two certan songs (encore as All Along the Watchtower and Like a Rolling Stone). Mundy is a well respected Irish singer-songwriter but I haven't heard anything from the other acts. Opinions on this gig?
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I saw Bob Dylan last summer, it was really exciting to see one of my biggest idols still performing after so many years. Twas a good show. But besdies the Flaming Lips, I haven't heard of any of those other groups. Hope you have a good time.
The flaming lips

There good live, are you getting any pictures?
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I don't know Mundy or the Tiny Dancers (although being named after that Elton song, they have the chances of being decent), but the others are all worth seeing if you can. Go and check out the acoustic version of Clayhill's 'Small circle', great album. Ray LaMontagne may get quite boring if its a large venue, but he wrote some decent stuff on 'Trouble'. The Flaming Lips live though, definately worth checking out from everything that I've seen.
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I saw Dylan last summer. Good show but his voice is really going to the point it's just jibberish. When you finally catch a word though and you can figure out what song it is, it's cool.

Have fun, I want to see him again
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I saw Bob Dylan last summer, it was really exciting to see one of my biggest idols still performing after so many years. Twas a good show. But besdies the Flaming Lips, I haven't heard of any of those other groups. Hope you have a good time.

What this guy said, except the show I saw was f***in' awesome!
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You luck son of a bitch. I wish I could see Bob Dylan and the Flaming Lips live.
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The flaming lips were good on jools holland last night

And for anyone else who watched it - cat powell (sp)
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So the day didn't start to well. A friend of mine was cooking a pizza and he decided to put it down on a nearby counter in his kitchen....and he tickets were underneath it. So yeah...we ended up cooking the damn tickets. Of course we were all a tad bit worried and this point as they went all black and 3/5 were VERY hard to read. We went on town anyway and we just got about got in with the staf laughing at us and our story with the head security saying "If this is fake, it's the best damn story I've ever heard." So we arrived down for Ray Lamontagne.

Ray Lamontagne: 5/10

Nothing particualry bad about this singer songwriter but nothing actually good either. My friend summed it up when he said "Can you remember any of the songs he played before [the curret song]" and the answer was no.

Mundy: 7/10

I was really suprised by him. He's an irish singer-songwriter who's got a good reputation here in Ireland but I had never heard much stuff by him. He was great at talking to the crowd (he actually asked what they wanted, then played what they shouted out!) and had some good songs to match it.

Violent Femmes: 7/10

Another band I was pleasently suprised by. A lot of people seem to not give them the time of day, but their pop rock fun sound was really appropriate. They got the crowd going and it was nice just to hear some catchy songs. They played for half an hour so at least they didn't out-stay ther welcome.

The Flaming Lips: 9/10

Wow. Easily the best show from a production point of view I have ever seen. Wayne started by going through thecrowd in his famous bubble, which was fantastic! The crowd was littered with aliens and santa claus' with cannons firing confetti every 10 minutes (along with Wayne firing other strings of confetti out on his own). Even if you don't like the FL (like a friend of mine) you couldn't help but enjoy their show anyway. They played a great setlist too.

1)Race for the Prize
2)Free Radicals
3)Yoshimi Part 1
4)Yoshimi Part 1 [slow]
5)Yoshmi Part 2
6)The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song
7)Vein of Stars
8)The W.A.N.D.
9)She don't use Jelly
10) Do you Realize??

Bob Dylan: 9/10

Wow, for all the **** peopel have said (both IRL and here) he was great. His voice was much better than I was expecting and he seemed to be genuinly enjoying himself. It was fantastic to see such a legend live and he even did this pointing thing to the crowd while laughing which was fatastic for a man who is famous for having zero crowd interaction anymore. was really happy with the set list too, "Watching the River Flow" was the only song I hadn't heard before and the new arrangements worked well (esp. "Maggies Farm" and "All Along the Watchtower"). The band were really tight and although I wished he had played guitar, I accept he just doesn't do that anymore live. Everyone says how grumpy he is and stuff but he was laughing and *dancing* (moving from the keyboard slightly, and shaking his shoulders and head to the music). Overall, a Dylan fan very very happy with a first live experience.

1. Maggie's Farm
2. She Belongs To Me
3. Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum
4. Lay, Lady, Lay
5. Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again
6. Love Sick
7. Watching The River Flow
8. Ballad Of A Thin Man
9. Absolutely Sweet Marie
10. Highway 61 Revisited
11. Masters Of War
12. Summer Days

13. Like A Rolling Stone
14. All Along The Watchtower

Overall, I really enjoyed the day and it was fantastic to see so many great bands. The crowd was fantastic too *applaudes self* and that really helped all the artists I think.
I saw Dylan live when he was touring with Paul Simon a couple years back...probably 2000 or so. He was completely incomprehensible and he also had the annoying habit of taking all the guitar solos himself, even though he had two guitarists who were much better than him backing him up. If the crowd wasn't singing along, I would've had no idea what he was saying.
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