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Traditional Vintage 6-screw Trem
6 60%
Modern 2-point Fulcrum type Trem
2 20%
Kahler (Floyd Rose-like) with locking nut Trem (used on Strats from mid to late 80's)
2 20%
Voters: 10.
My question is regarding three different types of bridges that can be found on a Strat: Vintage (traditional 6 screw trem bridge), Dual-point fulcrum (now found on many modern strats), and Kahler Trem (Floyd Rose like trem used on Strats in the mid to late 80's).

I have 2 questions (Let's say that all 3 trems have identical steel blocks, all come with the same locking tuners, all bodies and necks are made from the same material, and all use the same set of pickups (SSS configuration)):
1) Which one gives the best sustain?
2) Which one gives the most accurate pitch return?
3) Overall, which would you personally recommend?

I have only tried out Vintage types and 2 point type trems..These are my guesses:

1) The Vintage would have the most sustain and the 2point would have the least since the vintage is anchored by 6 screws directly to the body whereas the 2point is floating. The Kahler would give better sustain than the 2point due to its extra mass.

2) The Kahler would give the best return pitch due to it having a locking nut located at the top of the neck and the 2point would have the worst.

3) No guess really, if I had an opinion I wouldn't have started this thread =)

Please correct me if I am wrong about anything. Also, any additional relevant information would be greatly appreciated as well so please state why you voted what you chose! Thanks everyone!
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Actually, any floating bridge like the kahler has a loss in sustain compared to the vintage bridge. It's also a pain to tune because os the way it works (it balances the strings' tension so when you change one, it gets out of balance)

Go for the vintage bridge.
I've tried both since I owned both, I'm not expert, but that 2-point felt MUCH smoother. Like a cloud of air and **** heh
i have just a floating trem in my strat...and PISSES ME OFF! cant use whammy too much really, and when changing new strings it can take ages ( since if one is out of tune and you tune it up, others become out of tune) anyway, could i buy a different type on bridge system and attach it? if so where could i buy from?
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I prefer the 2 point. 6-screws kinda suck, and Kahlers change the tone too much.

##Guitar-Newb: Just tighten the screws in the back of your guitar, it'll pull the trem down and make it un-float.
I prefer 6 screw. I would like the 2 point more if it had the same bent steel saddles instead of those huge things. Also, I find it easier to do subtle vibrato effects on the traditional one.

Oh, and Kahler's sound bad.
I've played both the two-point tremolo and the vintage one. Now, I have the vintage one on my Strat and I prefer it over the two-point Fulcrum. More sustain and I like the feel better.