you mean jackson right?
i love mine, the trem seems pretty nice, but the pickups aren't really that good (mine's 2005), but if you're getting the new one (2006 dk2) then you'll get real duncans and i've heard that the trem is also better altough it's still the same model. i personally love jackson necks, pretty fast but not too thin...
also pretty versatile guitar if you get it with h/s/s configuration.
i dont like their paintjobs at all. also it depends on what sound you looking for and how much you willing to spend as you can get loads better
I love my 05's dk2 too. Pickups arent that good but could easily be replaced with better ones. As for the trem, i dont really use it.
Black Jackson Dinky 2
Peavey Envoy 110
and that's it.