New song up at my band's myspace. we worked pretty hard on this one. it's got some cool guitar work and 3 part vocal harmonies in the chorus

it's the first song here

its really not that bad for the genre. Ill start off by saying that im not a fan of the genre, but im submersed in it seeing as a lot of my friends are. It really fits the genre, but it has a little more substance to it i think than a lot of other ones. the only thing i would critique is the rhythm/beat of the song. i mean the drums are fine and so is the rhythm section, but its the actual timing in a few small parts. if you used a metronome then i dont know what it is, but if you didnt then id say use one. I enjoyed the bridge as well, the guitarist(s) has good control over the instrument and what is needed, (you know like only playing whats necesary for the song and not trying to show off.) overall, good job guys, keep it up.

if youre in the mood for critiquing, check out mine: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=380262

keep on rockin,
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the timing on the drums ruin it. and the bass strings slapping against the pickups.. vocals could be a tad louder in the mix.

singing seems to be in tune, which is very good. but it would be nice if he could have some more energy and while singing. sound a bit bored.

you have potential. keep working.

edit: and if you feel like dissing some of my stuff, do so here
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I like it a lot, maybe cause it's the kind of music I like to listen to. But I wasn't sure which song you posted about so I'll crit them all as I listen.

Anywhere but There- Awesome guitar playin. Vocals are really good too. For some reason it reminds me of Silverstein. The bad part is the drums. Doesn't really match I didn't think. Kind of throws the thing out of whack.

No Night Stand- I really liked this one. The vocals once again, the screaming. The drums match better in this one too. Bass sounds great too. Nice job on this one.

Toys in the Attic- This one has a great melodic sound. Sounds, though, as it goes on in the verse the guitar gets too distorted to tell what he's playing. But everything sounds good, except for maybe some timing issues.

Great job dude. Keep it up.
cool, thanks for listening everybody. the drums are a little less tight than i'd like, but our drummer doesn't live in the same state as us yet so the bassist was playing drums just for these demos. our actual drummer is a lot more solid and usually records to a click, so when he gets here everything will be much tighter.
gj sounds excellent. all of your songs work well and i think you have a good singer.
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