Hey dudes!

I did this cover of Adam´s song. I totally mess up in the end, try to ignore that. I need crit, for everything but the end .

Adam's Song

- RL
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i like it :P
quality is a bit ... whatever
srew ups all over the place :P but sounds still cool!
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The quality was horrible. However, the vocals were really good. There were little mistakes on the guitar here and there. I heard a couple of wrong chords also. 6/10.

Could you crit mine?

Hehe , I know i screwed up the guitar complely, but I thought the vocals were good, and whatever.

Maybe I'll post a "upgraded" version sometime
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Why are you talking to yourself? Stay off the drugs
hmm, I really like this song. And i'll have to cut you some slack because we've all screwed up under pressure before. (im talking about the bad chords you hit) and something strange happend at "you'll never set foot in my room again" but apart from that I thought it was pretty good, i liked the singing. bad quality, but im sure it would sound great if it was better.

crit mine?
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