You know how you can get a sorta ambient guitar sound by scratching the guitar pick back on forth really rapidly on the strings, perpendicularly to the strings, right near the bridge (moreso on the e b and g strings, cos the wound ones make a scratchy sound). Anyway, the sound that this makes is kinda quiet, and also not all that even.

So I was wondering if anyone knew of any implements I could use, that might work as a better bow than a pick. And I don't want anyone to tell me to use a violin bow, cos it'd be too big and i wouldn't be able to hit the middle strings and it'd cost too much. I'm hoping for something small enough that it might be able to be attached to the non-string end of my pick, to allow for quick changes.

As an example, I tried using my toothbrush as a bow. It worked alright, but the bristles each kinda made discreet sounds, which meant that it wasn't ambient enough. That and the fact that fluoride corrodes strings, as I found out the hard way .
my mobile phone was perfect for that :p like better than perfect but im sure thats too big to put on the edge on a pick.... i think its better if something is also heavier for this too ( if im thinking of what your thinking of) so cant really think of anything else. try your mobile or ****ty Cell phone what ever you call em and see what goes.
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Well you can always play with a slide, if you add some vibrato with it the string keep ringing (pink floyd did this quiet a lot)

or you could take it all the way and get one of these: http://ebow.com/