Just curious cause I'm thinking about getting one...just cause they look incredibly beautiful. I know the usual answer is no cause they feedback forever. What are some examples of some heavier bands that use semi hollow guitars? Right now I'm using a couple Ibanez RG's through a Mesa Boogie rectifier and I play mainly metal, heavy rock and hardcore. I get my distortion from my amp only(no pedals). Would this be too much for a semi hollow?
I think the heaviest bands you'd find playing with semi-hollows would be some punk bands around the place. But probably not metal bands. Though I'm sure someone else will post saying otherwise.
hey u can play metal on an acoustic it'll just sound ****
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I think the Fall of Troy use hollow rickenbackers and seems to survive. Other than that I can't think of anything (besides a hollow Gretch you can spot in the Metallica - Nothing Else Matters video)