well whats so bad about it really? i mean i just want somethin to mess around with, whats your suggestion without going over the boarder with budget.
they arent that bad, but you can spend a few dollars more and get and rp 80 which has a few more features plus an expression pedal, or an rp 100 which is nice for the price also....but shop around ebay and you can usually find your self a good deal on one....but whatever you do, stay away from zoom pedals.
Well it doesnt have many choices and things to play around with and what it does have, doesnt sound good at all. You will get bored of this one fast. What is your budget? What guitar(s) and amp(s) do you have? What type of music do you play?
You mean guitar and amp upgrade? I really think you need a new guitar and amp. If you just want the pedal to have fun with, buy it, but if you want to sound somewhat decent, but a new guitar and amp first.
im slowly bettering my gear ie guitar amp n ect. everybody says to start with an amp so thats my next investment after messing around with this pedal.
right now, i have no clue. i was reading around the forums on the amp, i guess the next one will just be a 30 wat amp. im just practicing by myself at the moment. any sugestion?
Look at the Hughes and Kettner Edition Blue 30R
Brand: Hughes and Kettner
Model: Edition Blue 30R
30 watts, 2 channels (clean and distortion), reverb.

But, if you want, you can look at a Roland Cube. I would say look at the Roland Cube 30(watts). This amp includes effects that you would find in the DigiTech RP50, except better sound quality. It also has amp models built in which means you can set the amp model to certain very expensive amps to sound like you are playing through them. This amp is $225. Dont buy a multieffects pedal and an amp, buy this amp that has both and sounds great. This is one of the best solid state amps around and you would be lucky to have it as your second amp.
alright, i think ima just reconsider the pedal and just go with that roland cube. hah thanks