1. i suck at practising. does ne1 have a good practise plan or sumthin?

2. how do i play the following

do i pick the 3 and then just hammer the next two notes or do i pick the 3 hammer-on and the pick the 4 and hammer-on again?
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1. i just play scales for about 5 mins, then play my favorite songs that i know how to play

2. you hammer on from 3 to 4 then to 7 all in one swift motion
For 1 go to www.guitarprinciples.com. thats how you practice . practice finger exercises and different techniques and music skills then go over songs. go to www.freelicks.net if you want to learn some good solos or songs. They may be hard but they are a great way to practice and it also gets you a great insight on how to practice to learn new songs. LOOK FOR TENSION WHILE YOU PLAY AND ELIMINATE IT!! get a metrenome. if your to poor or cheap to buy one get one off the internet, just google online metrenome and im sure you will find one. But what i really dont get is why people just dont do research to find new stuff... I do it all the time for new exercises, new guitar books etc...
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I'm learning too, but I'm making great progress after a fewdecent descisions born from the wisdom of age, google and instruction books.

1 I got "absolute beginners" book. I can follow the CD or just try the excersizes. This would be really boring and restrictive by itself so I also have Yamaha's "Instant Guitar" and a few other books (most come with CD's or DVD's these days.) I've also borrowed some that looked interesting. If one gets me stressed I pick up another. Variety is the spice of life after all.
2 I spend the first part of my practice in structured lessons from the book. Most of the time repeating lessons again and again and adding a few minutes of something new to the end. Sometimes I get carried away and spend well over an hour just messing about!
3. After the structured part of my practice I tit about with anything I've seen that I feel like trying. Including trying to replicate souds and effects and tabs I downloaded from UG.
4. Finally - after the first weekend I realised that I had to actually shorten my practice sessions. My fingers on my left hand are sore and burnt from the strings and to learn you need the time out to reflect as much as the time on the guitar. Thus 15-20 minutes a day is far far better for your fingers and your brain than 6 hours on the weekend.

I have no idea if my plan will work at this stage but I think it will, as it basically comes down to "enjoy practicing often".