the summer is heading my way, lots of free time is heading my way
time i can spend on playing the guitar.
and this summer i want to improve my skills for going to another lever on guitarplaying ( I play about 9 months so i'm not a beginner)
now I thought of making a grabble bowl ful of exercises and every day i grab a exercise and practice on it. ( a bit like petrucci )
now what are great exercises to improve my guitar playing in general?
i was think on one exercise for fingerpicking, tapping ,...?
and perhaps give me links to great exercises.
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No offence, but 9 months is still a begginer in my book. Ima year and i still consider myslelf a begginer even though people have told me im not. but anyways. Good idea, im not doing the same thing though. But you can find tons of exercises on google. Ive found pretty much a mini-booklet on exercises for all aspects of picking and 5 finger and 8 finger tapping, as well as legato. finger picking exercises, i just reccomend learning classical guitar, lol. Tapping i say just tap out chords at slow tempos and work out. do all the variations you can on 1234 as well to work on alternate picking. look at the shredding lessons here on ultimate-guitar, they are very good. Not sure if you want to shred but they still have great exercises, and you still should be able to shred even if you dont
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firstly, 9 months is not "past beginner", 2 and a half years is possibly "past beginner"
and second, try the lessons on UG
with not a beginner i ment : it's not that i ask for lessons like : reading tabs or forming basic chords
Every Guitarist is a beginner, 'cos no matter how much u practice you can never know everything.

But to the Q. i Got a book Called "30 Day Workout" it has everything you will need: warmups, Picking excersises, Stretches and much more and it pretty cheep to.