yo, i wrote this over the course of a week to keep me awake in english class, so its prolly kinda.... whatever. it supposed to be for a metal song so that might help u decode it, and i dont yet have the arrangement or the backing vocals all set out for it, but im workin on it, but tell me wut u think about it..,

The Forsaken

Verse 1
i cant understand what it is that im feeling
all i know is what is here just hating me
i cant give a f**k about my life after this point
the only thing i want is the sound of when it is gone

i feel numb, no emotions, gone
i cant stand what is has become
theres no way out, no way out

will this darkeness inside me
light the way to my beginning
holding on to all thats left unforsaken

all this hatred within me
brings truth to what i believe in
letting me know that im the only thing forsaken

i still gotta finish the 2nd verse and the interlude but i feel that i gotta good start........but i'll leave that decision to u guys.
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