i have a marshall JCM900. i love it.

as my username may suggest, i love john petrucci'sand dream theater. i was wondering if there was a pedal or a mod i could do to make the distortion more fluid like on These Walls with the guitar breakish.
i can do it fine on the marshall, but it comes out as a marshall, which is a good thing, but i would like to have something that i could alter the tone with to make it more like that.

I've never heard the song, but I would imagine Petrucci would use a chorus, delay or both to get that sound.
delay will help make any lead sound more fluid and "right", youll definately want to add some of it to any lead, but not too much or it sounds like a mess. that said itll be tough getting a petrucci tone out of a marshall but you outta be able to get something passable

the delay will help give that feel if not the tone for sure. just dont practice with delay as it hides tons of mess ups
oh, i guess i didn't explain myslef right. i don't want petrucci's tone. it's great for what he does and all, but my marshall owns it imo. its just for leads he gets a very fluid sound which i like. i guess i'll order myself a delay pedal and see how it works out.

im going to buy a Boss DD-6 bc i have heard they own!

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