Ok some pedals im gonna get...

Boss DS-1 Distortion
Boss BF-3 Flanger
And a Boss MT-2 Metal Distortion
Im not really sure about the distortions should i get the MT-2 and not the DS-1? I've heard that the MT kinda does both but ive never tried em so i just wont some opinions
i would suggest go for the MT-2. it has much more variety and heavier, smoother distortion. i own a DS-1, and unless you play soft rock, or old-style punk, its balls in my opinion.
Alrite i play mostly offspring would the DS-1 Play well for that old style punk?
Quote by Shredlet
Alrite i play mostly offspring would the DS-1 Play well for that old style punk?

you bet your ass it would.
the DS-1 is a versatile pedal. The MT-2 is saturated and doesn't allow for the true dynamics of your gutiar and amp to shine. I prefer the Ibanez TS-808 reissue for a classic distortion sound but the DS-1 is a great alternative. Having said that it comes down to personal prefference. Try them out and get what sounds right for you. Your hands give you your tone. The pedal is their to enhance. I've had both and I find the MT-2 is a bit much and drawing back on the gain ruins the overall sound. I love that Boss assed an EQ section the pedal giving it options but it still leans towards a Metal sound. Try out some of these as alternatives.

Tech 21 - XXL
Ibanez - Turbo Tube Screamer TS9DX
Pro Co - Rat
Marshall - Shredmaster

I still like the idea of getting the sound frmo your amp, especially for true punk, but play with what sounds best to you.

Good luck.
Meh, I don't think boss pedal's are really worth buying, but if you're looking for typical sounds, your good with boss.
^Agreed. If I was going to get a boss, I might as well get the Behringer knokoff.
To threadstarter: You might want to look into the Digitech DF-7 Distortion Factory. It has both a DS-1 and a MT-2 model, not to mention two other hi-gain models that I've heard sound better than the MT-2 in the first place.
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I love my DS1. At first I thought it wasnt that great, but when I fired it up in a tube amp it sounded amazing.