I got a righty acoustic but im a lefty so i just put the stirings upside down. Everythin sounds perfect except the sixth fret of my A string does not make the right soud at all. It makes this weird dull noise. even when i slide u can hear the noise. Is there any way to fix it?

I also have another question. Does anybody know any good easy songs that i can learn? Something that would sound awesome

Thnkx in advance
maybe you have intonation problems or you need to change your nut because sometimes the nut is cut to have the strings in the proper order. but since your a lefty, they got reversed and maybe screwed somethings up. sorry if that didnt make sense
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it could be the nut and/or the saddle also. the saddle of a guitar is typically set at an angle to achieve consistent action because the strings are different gauges from top to bottom. there are alot of other things that could be causing the problem though. your intonation could be off. your frets could be worn flat. etc.
well i would put my money on the saddle but still how do i turn it around? its like glued to the bridge. Should i just take a wedge or something and try to use force to change its direction?
I dono about force it out that could harm the guitar but dont they sell glue solvent...On secong throught that could harm it too...Try taking it to your local guitar shop usally they will do it for you...Just dont let them sell you anything

And as for some songs that sound cool I like

Stone sour-?Bother?
Kansas- ?Dust in the wind?
Seether- ?Broken?
Vinnie Moore- ?While My Guitar Gently Weeps?

Im not sure but that last one might be a cover
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