Right, so our band has been together for a while now, quite a few months, and after doing and perfecting covers we've started to write our own stuff etc. All good so far.

The problem comes though in the style of music we are doing, now we all love the same kind of music, ranging from The Who to the Libertines and Sex Pistols, but me and the drummer like doing rock kind of stuff, with a slight bit of punk in it, where as our singer is now obsessed and refuses to sing anything but hard punk. He says this is because he loves it, it sounds the best and it's how we will have the most success, but me and the guitarist think differently.

Punk is the easiest genre to sing easily, and I think that the only reason he wants to sing this is because he isn't confident with his voice enough to sing anything else. I've tried hinting this to him but he'll have none of it. He has a massive ego and so it's really hard to get through to him.

This is causing big problems in the band, we have gone from a group who used to practise at least 4-5 times a week, to a group that rarely want to get together because all that happens is disagreement in the style we play. It's getting to the point where our drummer and vocalist actually had a punch up a few nights ago, and although we are really good m8s with the vocalist and have all known him for years, we are discussing kicking him, which we never even concidered and seems uneblievable.

We really don't want to do this, but what can we do with a guy who's so egotistical he refuses to sing anything that doesn't sound like ****? I know he can sing well, but he just refuses to try it because he is afraid of it sounding ****, or thats what i think anyway.
start a band with a new singer, but keep the one with your current singer. Chances are he'll get jealous and start being a bit more reasonable . if that doesnt work kick him out
try to appeal to his ego maybe, tell him you think it could sound really good, and ask him to give it a try as a favour. Good luck.
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tell him its for the good of the band
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Unfortunately, one person in the band doesn't always get what they want. (ie. your singer)
It doesn't sound there's that much of a difference between what you want to play and what he does. Being in a band is about compromising, and everybody has to give up something. Maybe you could work one out with him.
well if you guys are going to go and start to make original material this is quite simple....don't just sound like you influences.....if he wants to sing punk-esque then you play hard rock/rock n' roll-esque instruments.......come up with progressions and riffs and let him write lyrics over it that suite him.......he can't tell you how to play the guitar and you can't tell him how to sing......if you aren't the right people for each other than yes you should break up the band or get a different singer

but nobody in a band is always going to agree on the same types of music all together.....if they did that would just be a cover band....

just let all of your musical influences shine through and see what happens to make original material
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Tell him you all should decide this stuff. If he still complains throw is ass out of the band....