I wanted to get some feedback on my song for my music coursework.
There's some mistakes but it's roughly ok.


I recorded from my tape four track to the p.c so there's quite a bit of hiss but it's not too bad, just turn down the volume at the start and it sounds better.
Also it goes all mushy in the distorted bit after the solo.....

Anyway, any feedback would be appreciated.
"Be Excellent To Each Other"
It's cool, but the tone needs some serious work as you may well know. Another problem I noticed is timing, listen to that recording with a metronome and you'll see what I mean...
Its always happy here
I know the timing's a bit crap coz' for sum reason when i'm recording the next track you can hardly hear the previous ones to keep in time with.
The clean tone is **** coz i plugged my guitar straight into the recorder.

Thanks for the feedback
"Be Excellent To Each Other"