I was wondering if someone could recommend me a type of wah pedal, and whats the difference in a wah pedal and whammy bar other than the whammy bar is on the guitar. Im wanting to learn songs with wah in them but don't want to go and buy another guitar( i play a Les Paul ) Someone please help.
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A wah pedal is basically a bandpass filter with the frequency moveable by the expression pedal.
Try a Vox if you want a decent wah pedal.

A whammy bar on the guitar is an entirely different thing that enables you to shift the pitch of the strings up/down.

You might have messed things up with the Digitech Whammy which is an effect pedal that allows you to do pitch shifts and stuff...
Wah - Think the intro to Voodoo Child by Hendrix.

Whammy - simulates the effect of a whammy bar, e.g. decreases pitch. It can also simulate downtuning etc. Think Tom Morello and matt bellamy.
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One thing though: Digitech Whammy Wah = Wah+Whammy (never tried it )
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