Hey, who all has heard of Dragonforce, and who all thinks that their guitarists are some of the best in the WORLD. I just got their new album, Inhuman Rampage, and the solos in it are INSANE. I don't know anyone who could play them. I can play parts, but a lot of the solos i cant.
check out the solo on through the fire and flames.. mad good..

but the thing is, they're all major chords. =\
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fcuk yeah..

(='.'=) world domination here i come!!

^__^tee hee.
dragonforce rules, probably my favorite metal band from the uk right now.
Herman LI and Sam Totman are way good, but i think Herman is a better guitarist.
check out the solo on through the fire and flames.. mad good..

Holy **** they are crazy... i mean, on the cd, there is a music video for that, and its like...almost humanly impossible. Haha...for me at least. I mean, i normally play Children Of Bodom stuff. And the hardest song i can play all of the way through is "Kissing the Shadows" by C.o.B. And i though i had accomplished something by learning that.


They are a good band. But they belong in the metal forum. There's an ONLY Dragonforce thread.

oops. Sorry.
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I burned it back in February, amazing album. It came out in Europe last fall I guess! It's their 3rd record too.
They suck, I should probably unify all the rants I've written on just how much and why I hate them and make it into a column or something.

Ugh. Gameboy crap.
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