Hey guys,

I'm currently looking for a new guitar. Today tried out an SG Special, a PRS SE Custom, an Epiphone LP, a Washburn WI65PRO and an Epiphone Dot. I liked the SE Custom best, because it was nice and light, nicely balanced, fit me well, and I found the action super-nice and the neck and fingerboard were so fast it made playing effortless. I'll probably switch the pickups anyway, but I according to reviews, the stoptail bridge isn't amazing, and brings down the quality, but after a bridge swap, it played and sounded tons better, and brought it one step closer to an American PRS.

I don't really know much about hardware manufacturers... What sort of bridge would be suitable for replacing this one? I'm not really much of a tremolo user, so I'm looking really for a stoptail bridge.

www.warmoth.com -overpriced, but offers great parts.
www.carvin.com -Great parts at nearly half the cost of warmoth.
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looks like you might even be able to get a hold of an ibanez Gibraltar III bridge for that....but there should be plenty of manufacturers who make that kind of bridge. just ask down at your music store