ok, so heres the deal: i bought an alder body off of ebay, and used it to assemble a guitar. everything is going great, except for one thing. the neck pocket is crooked. its only off by about a millimeter, but it makes a big difference on the fretboard.

(see attached pics)

see how the low and high e strings are fine at the top, and a little far right at the bottom? this is my problem. now, i have freinds who will help me to fix this inconvenience, but we need some advice on how to proceed. any suggestions would greatly be appreciated (im very eager to play this guitar, ive been waiting for several months to finish). and we cannot move the bridge, we have had to move it twice already and i dont want to risk breaking the peice it sits on.

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That's quite a bit out. However, you may be able to move the neck a little. Loosen off all the strings (no need to take them off, just make them slack), and loosen the neck bolts. Now just man-handle the neck a bit if it will, and try and get it in-line.
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Calum's got the right idea. I had a similar problem the first time I assembled my Warmoth, and there was DEFFINATELY nothing wrong with the way Warmoth cut their neck pocket. Get a friend to put pressure on the neck while you adjust the screws. You may also want to shim one side of the pocket with a piece of plastic pic. If all else fails, you can reslot the saddles off center.
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