RG with a nice trem, what is it?

Whats the one they dont make anymore, but is said to be awsome?
I have an RG321 which I got for about $270.
Ohhh...My head hurts...

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^ have i told you i keep misreading your title as UG's biggest bad greek?
^yeah but thats got a hardtail

out of their current lineup
Ibanez RG with a nice trem: RG1570
Ibanez with a nice trem: S470

however you can get a used Ibanez RG570 (basically the 1570 sans the Prestige neck) which has a good bridge for not too much and its a great guitar.

Whatever you get just make sure it has an Ibanez Edge, Ibanez Lo-Pro Edge or Ibanez Edge Pro for the bridge.