Hey People.

im a newbie so be nice
basically ive been playing Bass on and off for about two years, and have just got into a band and started to take things seriously. This being the case, My hand-me-down Jazz Bass doesn't quite do it for me anymore.

so, basically, i want a new bass.

I play mainly Rock/Metal stuff...not really much funk or blues, and my budget is about 250£

anyone got any advice on any good deals?
Ibanez is always a good place too look, or some ESP basses.
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Whats 250£ in USD? Sorry i'm too lazy to finda converter :P

I'm selling my Fender Deluxe Zone bass.. It has active P/J pickups, The Precision would probally fit your needs. It cost me $680 new with shipping, but i'm selling it for $400 obo. Mabye $300 and a few things.
ESP B-154 if you're playing metal. Make sure you check ebay and instrument exchange as well. You can find sick deals on those sites. I saw a practicall new SVT Pro-3 Head for $350. It sold for $400 I think. Ebay always has a ton of amazing used Ibanez's for next to nothing.
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Do you think a new amp would be more sufficient? look at some of the Laney combos at www.gak.com, they have some good amps for around your budget.