do you know what pedal can i use for the pod 2.0

I only know those 2 big line 6 footswitch that are very expensive (floorboard and FBV4)

but i know there is the possibility to use other devices. thanks
Maybe a Behringer Midi Foot Controller?
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Just use a FBV4 or a Long footboard. It will be the best. The POD uses an RJ45 input for the pedal, so most won't fit them.
thanks on the info about the rj45 input So it's a LAN cable... can i adapt it to another cable?

but so I cant connect a control pedal and use it via midi control? Can I?
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well good news, at least for me.
I've known that i can control the pod through whatever midi footswitch I want.
Only line6 official products use the rj45 input.