Well...whats the difference, if there is one? I know both affect distortion, like more gain = more distortion, but what does drive do?
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Different names for knobs that basically give you the same thing in the end

drive = I usually see this more on solid state amps and pedals
gain = I see this on tubeamps and the actual knob controls the volume of the signal being fed into the preamp section
There's no difference between the two. They both affect the amount of distortion added to the sound
I know an amp that has both drive and gain controls. It has gain instead of Channel 2 volume. Gain actually refers to the factor by which the signal is amplified. Drive is probably an extra feature to add more distortion.
Drive is more like that dirty chrunch sound (any AC/DC) stuff.

To me gain is more distortion with overdrive for better harmonics, palm-mutes, pinches, etc.
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