Hello everybody! My brother wants to buy a bass guitar. His budget is around 300dollars, so it must be a starters bass. He thougth about the Ibanez starters packet, but it's a bit unlikely that the music shop has this starters packet. They have a cheap fender bass, OLP and silvertone. What do you think about it?

I'd go OLP but are the cheap fenders you mention squires or low-end fenders?
Ok thank you everybody! The man of the music shop talked about a cheap fender, so I think it's a fender not a squier.

the problem is, when he buys a beginner's bass, within a year, he'll want a new one (guaranteed!), so maybe it's worth spending a bit more, or saving for a while, and buying a medium-priced bass instead??-that's what i would've done if i had my time over again (as it is, I have a three or four-year-old squier that i never use...)
he could try them out in the store to see what he wants. I'd suggest something with 24 frets, he may need 'em. and is the fender P- or J-bass?(one pickup or two)
another thigs is, if this is the first time ur bro has played bass you wont really know what you want your bass for, at least thats what is was for me. my first bass was a schecter c-4 diamond series and i thot i was gunna be playin lots of black sabbath and i did for a while, but then i heard some funk and i was hooked on it so now i love funk and i love the red hot chili peppers style of music ALOT they are my favorite band to play and to listen to and to watch and to read about n everything. and if i could do it over id prolly save and have gotten a stingray sooner. but thats life i guess, learn from your mistakes. Not that getting the schecter was a mistake, because i love the schecter its a beauty and sounds awesome but i think a stingray would have fit my fancy better. sorry for rambling but i hope this helps you choose. i say olp just cuz i love stingrays n its like a cheaper stingray, never played and olp tho so i dont really know.
Well, my brother wants to play Metallica and other stuff like that. I don't know how much pickups the fender has. Which one would you chose then? The OLP seems to be the most popular, I'll keep that in mind. My brother says he doesn't want to buy a more expensive bass, because he doesn't know he will be a 'real' bassist.
OLP makes a nice beginner bass for sure.

Go with the Ibanez starter kit for sure.
You get a pretty nice bass, and amp, headphones, etc.

All for right under $300, I think.
Nice deal.

OLP is what i would do. Its licenced by Ernie Ball and they make some of the best basses out there so its probably going 2 b a good bass. I own a Music Man Bongo by Ernie Ball and it CRANKS w/ my ampeg.
I almost forgot that the music shop had also a stagg. I don't know this brand, what do you think about this guitar. And I see nobody prefers the silvertone. Are they bad guitars?
Silvertones arent necisiarilly bad its just that the other guitars you mentioned would be better. Stagg makes some decent stuff but you have to be carful what youre buying because i believe that they are a european company so it would probably be harder to get support directly from the company than if u were 2 buy a U.S or Oriental made guitar.
i tried the OLP musicanman. i didnt like the tone, it was weaker than my peavey bxp (2 single coil jazz style).

depending on which fender he's talking, about, i'd go for taht one. unless its a fender copy, then i'd lean slightly towards the OLP.