Well, I know to get to playing somehting fast up to speed, usually the best way to do it is to play it slowly. Well when I try that with a sweeping lick, since im going slow, my hand doesnt tend to sweep anymore, it kinda picks the notes. Now this worked kinda still, I was able to increase my speed for the lick from only 100 BPM to 135 BPM today ( 8th notes), but i wonder if it will be a problem when I get faster and faster.
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If you keep practicing at a gradually increasing speed, it shouldn't be a problem physically (as in terms of hand strain or tripping over your own fingers), but there's only a certain speed it's possible to pick individually at before you have to sweep. I'd start again from very slow, but this time FORCE yourself to sweep (It's the only way to re-educate yourself), and eventually you should get the hang of it.
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Not if you keep your hand in the same position as when you're going fast.

Eg don't pick the notes, but sweep/brush over them as you would with your pick angled when sweeping.
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